some hamatora doodles i did after last week’s episode…. i.. don’t want to think about today’s episode……………..

i love bdayratio and i love genderbends so

TG69 crossdressing prompt ^__________^

TG69 crossdressing prompt ^__________^

some kanekis


harro, school is starting up again soon, so it’s time to open up commissions again to help pay for dues. 0/ 

  • **if interested, please inbox me on here OR email me at i think email is more reliable but whatever works for you! 

chibi - $6.00
bust - $8.00 

won’t do: porn, mecha, furry. everything else is ok! 

  • paypal only! 
  • payment will be due once i notify you of the commission’s completion. i will msg you with a watermarked version, and after the payment is received, i will post the original ver. 
  • please allow 1-2 weeks for your art. i will be in contact with you at all stages of the process, but i’m unfortunately only human and work pretty slow heaheau. qq 
  • couples, groups, etc. i will do! just add another person in addition to the base cost. ex: 2 people chibi  is $12, 3 is $18, and so on. 

any questions or concerns, feel free to inbox me. any work for me right now would be great! ^ Q ^;;