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hi i'm gabby and i tweet a lot then draw things sometimes ><

sorry i'm like rly inconsistent w/ fandoms because i draw so slow

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Happy 2012 guys let’s start off the New Year with a poopy Caleb doodle!

Anyways, thanks a bunch everybody for sticking with me this year, and HI to the new followers I’ve gained in the past couple of days

2011 was quite an interesting year and one of the highlights included joining my first rp group hah..hahahhownerdy… AND SO,

An even bigger thank you to those who still followed me despite not even being in TCU (actually people in TCU too) and suffered through all the crazy antics of Caleb Anderson in the S-Team and TTT— ESPECIALLY TTT…

As for those IN the S-Team I just wanna say I’ve had so much fun this year with everyone and I’m really glad to have met you guys I MEAN IT!!!111 SMOOCHES YOU ALL WITH BUTTS

ALSO SMOOCHES OTHER BUDDIES WITH BUTTS especially those times where i felt like poop ty for listening to my problems and being there for me uguu


  1. moedere said: caleb looks like a wimp his new yr res shud b work out with burrito bars @ the gym!!1
  2. aquacot said: I don’t want your BUTT SMOOCHES
  3. guacagabs posted this