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hi i'm gabby and i tweet a lot then draw things sometimes ><

sorry i'm like rly inconsistent w/ fandoms because i draw so slow

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occasionally reblogs others' art and music
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still afraid they might pull a tnc on us but i.. REALLY…ENJOYED SEEING KOUJAKU ANIMATED AND SMILING IN THE PV………………………

sorry for not actually coloring but i’m too tired rn


*still posting late christmas card stuff* ^__^;;

i forgot that i drew more dmmds at pmx and never scanned them

i’m so glad i got commissioned to draw dmmds over pmx weekend ^.^

hi i haven’t drawn dmmd in a while i should be ashamed

did this for day 2 of inktober ><


4580345890 days later i’m done hALLELUJAH

either going to be 8.5”x11” or 8”x10” print for AX i still haven’t decided l o l

hi i’m not dead i’ve just been really busy with stuff

gonna color this and maybe figure out a better background and turn this into a print for AX ^p^ !!

i meant to post this weeks ago but i was too lazy to scan until now

count came up with the idea for this umu