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so yesterday I went with emerald to PMX for the first time and met some great people and it was really fun and basically free !! (theres lots of stuff to do without passes and you didn’t even need a pass for AA hahah)

I took a bunch of pictures with my terrible phone camera but here are just a few of my favorites ^___^

The only thing I’m sad about is that we saw dante basco and the autograph line was REALLY SHORT but we had to leave the con U__U

sorry for the lack of art lately + requests?

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting art lately. I won’t go too much into detail but I’ve been stressed out with school work and a lot of personal problems and on top of that I might or might not be having some potentially serious health issues at the moment…ah..hahah…;;;

On a lighter note I’m incredibly thankful to every single person who already knows about what I’m talking about in this post for taking the time to listen/talk to me/cheer me up/etc and I’m glad that I know you all you are gr8 pals I love u ~*~*~*~*~* :)

Anyways I’m hoping things will get better soon and I really want to draw again soon so I’ll be taking a few requests (and if you requested something in the past and I haven’t drawn feel free to request it again) whether it be ocs, dmmd, magi, etc (as in other fandoms im familiar with)!! It’ll probably be simple sketches or something because I don’t know if I’ll have enough free time to do what I normally post…

now i can legally play dmmd

cackles i was legitimately looking forward to saying this after my bday


SOBS N KISSES YOU ALL you gaiz r too kind TOO KinD mwah and sry for spammin ur dashes everyone oop

yesterday was a pretty normal schoolday for me other than the few classes that sang hbd to me and the coincidental field trip to a bagel store for my fitness class heheh ^p^

ok i have to go bc i still have hw and i dont rly feel well (i got a cold l ol)

ok i know theres lots of other schools that get out earlier but i’ve been getting out at 3pm my entire school life so this is rly exciting for me shut up
summary of my first day of school i guess ^__^

ok i know theres lots of other schools that get out earlier but i’ve been getting out at 3pm my entire school life so this is rly exciting for me shut up

summary of my first day of school i guess ^__^

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all the other variations of my name got me alpha 1 or alpha 2 NO

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why are you following me and what is that hand i just drew welp

anyways I’ve gotten quite a few follows over the past few days and I just wanna say THANK YOU !!!1

I um uh just to let you know I’m pretty inconsistent with my art and fandoms and such… I hope you guys aren’t expecting me to draw a lot of homestuck? ^p^;;;

(ps I STILL LIKE HOMESTUCK this is NOT saying that I won’t draw homestuck at all anymore)


kitey are you ahppy now

accurate representation of what happened yesterday




kitey are you ahppy now

accurate representation of what happened yesterday

AX LOOT!!!1 Guess whose wallet is empty ^p^)/~*~*~*~*~~*

summary of my AX was looking for DMMD and commissioning koujaku


AX Report 3/3

ok sorry it took so long but last long post relating to AX !! (i think..)



I was actually ib again this day since I really enjoyed finding ib fans the first day ^p^;; I even got a free ib pin from riingo's table!!

I hung out with sammi, yuj and kie at yuj's table AGAIN we just like invading yuj's table it was the best /shot

I also went to the homestuck draw meet for a little bit with rii and met nattie who was really nice and I was extremely flattered that she recognized me after I told her my url and remembered my ridiculousness from the S-Team days sklsdfjsfdlDFs

Oh yeah on my way to the draw meet I finally met up with ninthrevolver !!!1 I was worried I was gonna miss her after not seeing her the first to days and she gave me her super cute korra and black widow stickers aaaaaa (I’m just sad rn bc i can’t find the korra sticker sdfklsdf)

I finally found cute dmmd cosplayers that day which included noiz’s allmate and a sei! I was sitting at yuj’s table and saw the sei cosplayer approach the table and it was kind of like

except probably quieter than that since I’m rly softspoken but w/e IT WAS LOUD IN MY HEAD… but she was rly nice and we got to talk about dmmd things UwU

also I found a mary ugu

I did my last round roaming around the tables buying prints and commissioning koujaku AGAIN and to my surprise I found another fan through handing the artist my koujaku references for a commission! I’m just rly happy about finding these dmmd fans CRIES

oh oops I forgot to put this in day two but after previous years of AX and missing moo I finally found her this time !!1 we touched hands and I commissioned her a koujaku ^p^ She took a pic of my ib cosplay too I hope I didn’t look too gross in it

Anyways I had a LOT of fun this year and met a bunch of nice people!!1 I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get to go to the last day and now I gotta wait a whole nother year for AX O|—<

cosplays under the cut againn

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AX Report 2/3

aaand day two! I forgot to add on my previous post that you can tumblr savior ‘gabs goes to AX’ if this is too much sdfkl

Also I added a few cosplay pictures of people I saw on the first day/in my previous post!

this will probably be the longest post seeing how it was the most eventful for me and because I had the most fun on this day UwU



I was a human vriska that day- mostly because our order of gray paint didn’t come in and partially because I burned my hand the night before trying to put my vriska horns on my headband l o l..

Once again I don’t have any decent pictures of me in cosplay from that day but I have to say that sammi was an amazing kanaya (along with doing a great job with everyone else’s makeup including mine) and count was the sassiest roxy

I went to the satanic cult ritual homestuck meetup for a bit holy poop there were so many people- emerald introduced me to james and windy and I awkwardly gave them sketches of their fantrolls ^p^ They were incredibly nice and I was just quiet the whole time because shyness weeps

Other than going to the HS meet, I spent most of my day hanging out with kie and yuj at yuj's table! It was really relaxing just sitting behind a table and talking with them hehe

and if any one remembers this masterpiece, guess WHO remembered me from last year’s ax and gave me a free sketch lmfaosdfjk he remembered what TTT looked like too omg

I also commissioned yet another koujaku just LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS IS SCREAMS (art by brynn)

I found billies earlier that day and commissioned shilah (cough which belongs to auds) from her and it looks so prettyyaaa

while I was waiting at billies' table, I spotted Clear and Aoba keychains on the table right next to them then proceeded to freak out with the artist over dmmd while buying the Clear keychain ^p^ She also told me where to find an Aoba print at another table- gdi I wish I got a business card or something weh

and I think that’s about it for day 2 COSPLAYS UNDER THE CUT!!


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