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Title: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Artist: Marina and the Diamonds 518,785 plays



this this one of those audio posts where i reblogged even before i listened to it cuz i knew it was going to be amazing

its almost christmas!!

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Title: Oh No! Artist: Marina and the Diamonds 64,295 plays


Marina and the Diamonds | Oh No!

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Title: HEAVENS★GATE Artist: Hikaru Midorikawa, Tsubasa Yonaga, Daisuke Ono 10,531 plays

Otori Eiichi (CV: 
Hikaru Midorikawa), Sumeragi Kira (CV: Daisuke Ono), Mikado Nagi (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga)

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Title: Daisy Artist: STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION 203,737 plays


Kyoukai no Kanata ED Single (full version)


Title: Jiyuu no Tsubasa : Music Box Version Artist: Linked Horizon 129,547 plays


Full version; I found it on nicovideo.

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Title: [great escape] Artist: cinema staff 78,279 plays


Found the full one on nico \o/

Really love SnK’s 2nd ending *q*///

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58,387 plays


Beautiful World | Utada Hikaru

From the Evangelion: 1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE. OST.

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Title: Wings Of Freedom【自由の翼】8Bit Artist: SigSig【シグレ】 43,389 plays


【進撃の巨人 OP2】自由の翼【8Bitアレンジ】

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Title: Primadonna Clarity 5,605 plays


Primadonna vs. Clarity (Marina and the Diamonds / Zedd ft. Foxes)

another Audacity mashup I made tonight. Still getting used to the program!

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Remixed by Tabakpons, Utada Hikaru’s Sakura Nagashi. More powerful instrumentation makes for an awesome mix of an awesome song made for Evangelion 3.0. Utada herself tweeted about wanting a high quality download link once the 100 DL limit had passed. Same here. ; -;

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