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hi i'm gabby and i tweet a lot then draw things sometimes ><

sorry i'm like rly inconsistent w/ fandoms because i draw so slow

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occasionally reblogs others' art and music
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hello im late for s team anniversary by exactly 30 days

but here i am

with a terrible mix tape for them THANKS AUDS FOR PUTTING TOGETHER THE TYPE

S-ONG ► listen
o1. s club party s club 7 o2. hi-five city! the aquabats o3. run around jason radford o4. die young ke$ha o5. good time owl city o6. wannabe the spice girls o7. all is love karen o o8. i got a feeling the black eyed peas

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WOO MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! hi sansan I was your SS so I hope this looks alright!! Your OC is rly cute ^_^

details, lineart, n stuff is here if you wanted to see that too (click for fullview)

WAghhhH thank you guacagabs Y o Y lies down every time someone draws june he looks so cute..;;; o-(—< All of the little detailed linework is so nice HGHHhhHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! 

AHH YOU’RE WELCOME, I HAD FUN DRAWING HIM!! I’m glad you like it ^p^





OH MY GOSH AAAAAAAAAAAAAA IM SCREAMIGNG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omogm the CHIBIS SO ADORABE AND AHHHHHHHand the screenshots im laughing so hard u captured her character perfectly :^) 

THE GIFS ARE SO GOOD AAAAAA!!!! so lovely you made them look so pretty heheh!!!

and god bless u for the yaois…. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!;O;


I had a lot of fun drawing your characters kyaa

omg my scanner is a pile of poo when i color things traditionally..these look better in person i swear.. anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m very glad to have you as a friend and thank you so much for bein there for me kie I LOVE YOU A LOT !!!!!!! <3333

oh yeah here’s an extra thing:

doodles of old ocs from middle school ^__^;;

like 2 of these characters belong to jeanne because we used to have this dumb collab comic thing about a shota who hangs out with pedos

i THINK today marks the 2nd year anniversary of s-team (wow) but once again i can’t finish a group pic in time hahah..

socaloca will always have a special place in my ~*~ kokoro ~*~

sunetta belongs to athena !!!!


HI TOSH i was your secret santa hehe MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!! i hope these.. look ok O|—<

apparently i cant submit photosets so i guess you’ll have to click » HERE « !!!!!!!!!!!



puts head down

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pixel practice i guess
nick belongs to auds~*~*~*~
actual size:

pixel practice i guess

nick belongs to auds~*~*~*~

actual size: