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hi i'm gabby and i tweet a lot then draw things sometimes ><

sorry i'm like rly inconsistent w/ fandoms because i draw so slow

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occasionally reblogs others' art and music
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harro, school is starting up again soon, so it’s time to open up commissions again to help pay for dues. 0/ 

  • **if interested, please inbox me on here OR email me at shodraws@gmail.com. i think email is more reliable but whatever works for you! 

chibi - $6.00
bust - $8.00 

won’t do: porn, mecha, furry. everything else is ok! 

  • paypal only! 
  • payment will be due once i notify you of the commission’s completion. i will msg you with a watermarked version, and after the payment is received, i will post the original ver. 
  • please allow 1-2 weeks for your art. i will be in contact with you at all stages of the process, but i’m unfortunately only human and work pretty slow heaheau. qq 
  • couples, groups, etc. i will do! just add another person in addition to the base cost. ex: 2 people chibi  is $12, 3 is $18, and so on. 

any questions or concerns, feel free to inbox me. any work for me right now would be great! ^ Q ^;;



yy eeaahhh

im opening for commissions so if you’re interested check out my commissions page here! if you have any questions feel free to send me a ask!

thank you!

go throw some money at dis qt


HELLO!! I’m opening commissions again! I’m in need of some extra cash so I would appreciate your help! 

One character: 16 USD (10 USD per extra character) - full body (half body goes for the same price) 

Couples are fine but I won’t draw anything of mature content.
I’m not comfortable with drawing real people (unless they’re kamen rider actors ^o^) or animals. 

Please email me to piapradobley (at) gmail (dot) com with your request.
If I’m okay with it, I’ll give you my paypal account email. After you pay, I’ll start drawing. I usually don’t take more than 1-2 weeks to finish a piece. 

If you can’t buy, reblogs would help me out too, thank you very much!!! 



Full body single character - $15
full colored, simple bg, $5 per extra character

From Waist/Thigh single character - $10
full colored, simple bg, $5 per extra character

art tag

will do fanart / fan characters / original / crossovers
won’t do porn / mecha / anything I deem too complicated

you can contact me via askbox, fanmail, submission, or email [onablimp@gmail.com] / I use paypal only

commissions are open as long as this post says they are, so please go ahead and send your commission info with any other questions you might have thank you!! :]

Aughghg our cute little apricot is doing commissions! Check it!


I’m about to finish my last round and there was some interest expressed into when I’d be open again so..slots are open again!  I wanted to try something new this round so I’ll be offering ~*~*bust/waist ups*~*~ as well!  They’ll p.much look like the above.  

I’m still taking a very limited number of these so I know I’ll get them done…(wheeze).  I’m a little on the slow side, sorry u_u;; All my options besides chibis are available now, except the last one…

AND UH… I THINK THAT’S IT…All information and contact info can be found [here].  Thanks all <33


hi guys i have finally set up my paypal acct so i am now opening commissions! i’ve never taken tumblr commissions before please be kind to me ^ㅅ^

check my commissions page for more info and my art tag for more samples!




heya guys! i’m now opening commissions !! paypal only/prices are as shown

reg CG: $8

CG chibi: $7

messy CG: $4

reg sketch: $3

chibi sketch: $2

double the price for each additional character

full-size of examples found here

general examples of my art can be found here

uh…i’m not in a drastic situation or anything i’m just a little short on money since i have no job/i don’t get allowance or birthday money really so i have no form of like…income. haha but if you could signal boost/reblog/etc. that’d be really great !! thanks !!

i pretty much draw anything except for nudity/NSFW !!

chibis will always be fb. regular may vary though, but most of the time they will be waist/knee up for…quality purposes…….feel free to ask for fb though and i’ll try my best

ask me on tumblr or email me at muffinwaffles@hotmail.com if you have any questions or if you want to order!

(don’t judge my email ok i’ve had that since…forever…weeps)

thank you guys q Aq <33




The moment you (and we) have been waiting for! The Kickstarter for Before, After, & In Between is now online!! We have a great comic anthology that needs your help to print. There are four stories for each section of the book and over 250 pages of never-before-seen comics by 12 different and talented artists.

Rewards for backers include the book, a PDF of the book, limited edition postcards, commissions from contributing artists, and more!!! Go on to our Kickstarter page for more info.

The books will be limited, only 300 or so copies will be printed. So grab it while you can! Follow this tumblr for more updates and teasers that will be posted as we go on. Thanks for all your support and interest!

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! I have a comic in this and now you can support it!!  everyone’s stuff looks amazing so you wont regret it!! I hope!!!! But if you don’t have the money that’s ok!!!!

Tell your friends!!!!!!! 

I’ll probably reblog this a few more times later in the month but. Just wanted to say wow I’m so overwhelmed, it’s ridiculous. We are already 24% funded and it’s been just a little over an hour. Thank you so much for everything to the people who backed, reblogged, liked, anything really and especially to my friends who spent time to make comics for this anthology. I have some work to do still but I’m too busy staring at the computer screen because this is unbelievable. Thanks everyone. 


hi! i’m taking commissions again now that i’m on break.

i forgot who was interested so i’m just making a post!

i’m only doing singles, no couples

lineart for $7, flat color for $12, CG for $20!

I have a bunch of different uh lineart styles so just look through my drawing tag and tell me which style you’d like.

They will be uh mostly full body but some will be cropped! only warning!!

pretty much anything allowed just keep it pg13 please and thank you very much!

e-mail me at hoddylol@gmail.com or leave an ask, thank you!







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